Custom Stair lifts Long Island

Custom stair lifts are a mechanical device for lifting people up and down curved stairs.  Handicare Custom Freelift Long IslandA chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail. A person on the chair or platform is lifted as the chair moves along the rail. These are made to follow the shape of an individual staircase. On staircases with intermediate flat landings they eliminate the need for multiple straight stairlifts by providing a continuous ride up the entire length of the staircase. Because the rail is custom-made to follow the staircase, and because the chair is more complex that on a straight-rail stairlift (it has to be able to remain level while traveling along a track which changes direction and angle), curved-rail stairlifts are usually more costly than stairlifts for straight stairs. Specifying a curved-rail stairlifts usually involves careful measurement, design and manufacturing, and the installation process usually takes longer than for a straight domestic stairlift.

Some manufacturers provide curved-rail stairlifts made from modular parts. These have the advantage of quick delivery time (the installer brings many parts and picks from them), though the rail may not follow the shape of the stairs as closely as a factory-made stairlift. Modular stairlifts take longer to install that custom-made stairlifts, so they are usually similar in price to a custom-made curved-rail stairlift.

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At Bathe Safe Stairlifts of Long Island, we understand the importance of living in the comfort of your own home. To provide the best care for all of our clients, trained service technicians are available for face-to-face consultations in order to find the perfect long-term or temporary stair lift for you. Contact us for an on-site evaluation and secure your independence today.